Thursday, July 13, 2017

Huge Deals On Sevenfold Ties

All the top brand from Napoli, Italy. Save 60% - 80% off Finamore unlined 7 fold ties, Borrelli sevenfold ties, self tipped jacquard silk Isaia 7 fold ties and more... pick from 200+ designs under $100 (retail $215 and up) including the summer collection of Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection.

The sevenfold tie ( 7 fold tie/ sete pieghe cravatta) is a wonderful tie, depending on the brand and fabric used, the sevenfold tie can be pretty thick (which makes a thick knot). The lightest sevenfold tie is the unlined sevenfold tie, where the back blade of the tie has no self-tipped silk or other cover, just the back side of the jacquard silk. Finamore and Robert Talbott (Sevenfold Collection Only) are known for this style.

Best sevenfold ties available:

Sevenfold Ties Online


Pictures Of Sevenfold Ties
Italian sevenfold ties, hand made in Napoli. View Sevenfol pictures:

Luigi Borrelli Sevenfold Tie Picture

Bvlgari Sevenfold Tie Picture

Luigi Borrelli Sevenfold Tie Picture

Finamore 7 fold & 9 fold ties at 65% off retail

Shop Sevenfold Ties Online:

Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection 65% Off
Finamore Napoli (Many Ties Are Unlined) 60% - 73% Off

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Pictures of Borrelli ties:


Very Exclusive at discount prices: Zilli Sevenfold Ties.

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