Thursday, March 15, 2018

Giorgio Armani Ties New Collection

Armani tie collection often feature classic and dark colors, mostly made from jacquard silk. The cut for both Giorgio Armani and Armani Collezioni ties is regular to slightly narrow (3.15" or 2.9" width).

The quality of the Armani Collezioni tie is pretty similar than the Giorgio Armani ties, the Emporio Armani ties have often a slightly more economic fabric content.

Compared to other luxury Italian brands, Armani is not the most affordable option. As
a Canali tie retails for $165 vs $175 - $245 for an Armani tie.

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Armani 2018 Neckties Designs

Original Giorgio Armani men collection 2018 designs.



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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hand Made Jeans & Sport Coats: Borrelli

Luigi Borrelli is the typical Italian brand that keeps a proud hand made in Italy tradition. Experienced seamstress/ tailors hand stitch jeans, pants, sport coats and dress shirt, using the finest fabrics. The Luigi Borreli sport coat is often unlined , both light and medium weight wool and wool blend fabrics. Most Borreli blazers have side vents, real buttons/ holes on the cuffs and slightly fitted but regular cut.

Shop for Luigi Borrelli and Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection sport coats at 70% off retail: Borrelli Sport Coats.
Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection Sport Coat Royal Blue

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Huge Deals On Sevenfold Ties

All the top brand from Napoli, Italy. Save 60% - 80% off Finamore unlined 7 fold ties, Borrelli sevenfold ties, self tipped jacquard silk Isaia 7 fold ties and more... pick from 200+ designs under $100 (retail $215 and up) including the summer collection of Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection.

The sevenfold tie ( 7 fold tie/ sete pieghe cravatta) is a wonderful tie, depending on the brand and fabric used, the sevenfold tie can be pretty thick (which makes a thick knot). The lightest sevenfold tie is the unlined sevenfold tie, where the back blade of the tie has no self-tipped silk or other cover, just the back side of the jacquard silk. Finamore and Robert Talbott (Sevenfold Collection Only) are known for this style.

Best sevenfold ties available:

Sevenfold Ties Online


Pictures Of Sevenfold Ties
Italian sevenfold ties, hand made in Napoli. View Sevenfol pictures:

Luigi Borrelli Sevenfold Tie Picture

Bvlgari Sevenfold Tie Picture

Luigi Borrelli Sevenfold Tie Picture

Finamore 7 fold & 9 fold ties at 65% off retail

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Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection 65% Off
Finamore Napoli (Many Ties Are Unlined) 60% - 73% Off

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Pictures of Borrelli ties:


Very Exclusive at discount prices: Zilli Sevenfold Ties.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New 2017 Collection Ferragamo Ties

Check out the latest novelty ties of Salvatore Ferragamo, summer 2017 collection. Many twill silk and woven silk designs with typical Ferragamo tiny animal print, tropical floral designs, cute puppies and spinning tops. Shop Ferragamo.

Ferragamo Ties Summer 2017 Collection
New Designs: Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo Ties 2017 Collection - Sail

Ferragamo Ties Summer 2017 -Navy Tops

Ferragamo Ties Summer 2017 - Floral Jungle

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Ferragamo Ties Summer 2017 Collection - Spinning Tops

Check the latest designs Ferragamo Ties, Men Collection
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Designer Neckties Under $75 Sale

Most designer brand neckties have gone up to the $200 price range, which makes it for many men a bit uncomfortable to hang a couple dozen designs in their closet. Quality brands like Canali are sold at $160- $175 at Bloomingdales and other retailers. Ermenegildo Zegna regular tie is $205 + tax, the quindici version (15 colors) goes for $255 and up. Novelty ties like Ferragamo and Battistoni are $190 and $210.

Some amazing deals (overstock):

Here are some nice outlet sale deals for some top brands including Battistoni, Finamore, Borrelli and other brands under $75 (regular price $165 - $245):
Cheap Ties

Finamore, Franco Bassi, Battistoni, Isaia, Luigi Borrelli, Kiton Below $75!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Colorful Gene Meyer Bow Ties Hand Made In Italy 85% Off

At this price point you might get nervous about the quality and a bit skeptical where this deal comes from. Gene Meyer bow ties, ties, and socks are made in Italy. Gene Meyer New York which is known for its colorful designs, did not compromise quality and got the bow ties hand made in Italy. The bow ties retail price is $90 each plus tax. Now there is a six pack set (6 styles) of Gene Meyer Bow ties at $89.66. The only reason is that Tiedeals bought a huge amount and just has to move it, so you win.

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Gene Meyer New York Bow Ties

New Designs:

Gene Meyer Bow Ties New

Gene Meyer Bow

Gene Meyer bow ties are jacquard silk self tie bow ties, which create a multiple option (as colors can be switched around). The self tie bow tie is preferred by the more "advanced" bow tie wearer. Gene Meyer bow ties retail at $75, Gene Meyer ties retail at $100. Most styles are from a limited edition, Gene Meyer ties and bow ties are this current season no produced.

Gene Meyer Bow Ties Archive

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Reductions - Save 65% - 80% Off Famous Brands

Silk ties, dress shirts, winter coats, cashmere scarves and pocket squares further reduced. Save 65% Off on Borrelli ties, 80% off Cashmere scarves, made in In Italy. Ermenegildo Zegna jacquard silk ties an extra 25% Off. Brioni ties in many colors and prints at 65% off, also Valentino, Kiton, Turnbull & Asser are reduced further:

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